A software tool to communicate and parse data received from the r-one robots, both locally connected and remotely connected via radio.

R-One Gripper

The Multi-Robot Manipulation is a project to use the r-one gripper to manipulate a object through a unsafe environment. The first part of this project, Path Planning, has been submitted to DARS 2014.

We present a scalable distributed path planning algorithm for transport- ing a large object through an unknown environment using a group of homogeneous robots. The path is optimal given the sampling of the robots and user input param- eters. The robots are randomly scattered across the terrain and collectively sam- ple the environment in a distributed fashion. Using the dimensions of the payload, the robots first construct a configuration space.

This project presents a distributed approach for exploring and triangulating an unknown region using a r-one multi-robot system.

The purpose of this project is to give the current r-one robots an improved capacity to interact with their environment and each other through an externally attached gripper apparatus.

Using a swarm of disk-shaped robots to move a large hexagonal object

The SwarmControl.net project aims to understand the best ways to control a swarm of robots by a human. The project achieves this through a community of game-developed experts.

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The RoneGUI was developed to easily debug software and hardware issues without the use of a specific embedded development environment such as CodeSourcery's Debug tool.

The r-one robot is an advanced low-cost robot designed for research, teaching and outreach.

An example of boundary detection

Similar in spirit to the alpha-shapes of Edelsbrunner, our boundary detection algorithm creates a "skin-tight" boundary around the network, detecting convex and concave sections.

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