The r-one robot is an advanced low-cost robot designed for research, teaching and outreach.

R-One Gripper

The Multi-Robot Manipulation is a project to use the r-one gripper to manipulate a object through a unsafe environment. The first part of this project, Path Planning, has been submitted to DARS 2014.

Using a swarm of disk-shaped robots to move a large hexagonal object

The project aims to understand the best ways to control a swarm of robots by a human. The project achieves this through a community of game-developed experts.

This project presents a distributed approach for exploring and triangulating an unknown region using a r-one multi-robot system.

The purpose of this project is to give the current r-one robots an improved capacity to interact with their environment and each other through an externally attached gripper apparatus.

The goal of this project is to design a library of practical, well-abstracted, multi-robot distributed algorithms, suitable for many applications.

Charger Box

This project was started in Summer 2012 in order to build an object that would be able to transport robots safely, store them comfortably, and charge them effectively.

Swarm bots in a row.

Most applications require subgroups of robots to perform different tasks. To support this, we designed a set of four distributed algorithms for dynamic task assignment.

An example of boundary detection

Similar in spirit to the alpha-shapes of Edelsbrunner, our boundary detection algorithm creates a "skin-tight" boundary around the network, detecting convex and concave sections.