The RoneGUI was developed to easily debug software and hardware issues without the use of a specific embedded development environment such as Eclipse's debug tool. It allows you to plug any robot with current MSP430 and 8962 code into a computer via the USB port and give specific commands (motors, leds, etc.) that the robot will execute, as well as display information about all sensors available to the robot. Once you remove it from your computer, the robot will resume the program it was executing.

How to connect the robot:
First, get the .exe of the GUI. You can do this by downloading it from the bottom of the page or by compiling it from the RoneGUI project.

Once the GUI is up and running, input the robot's COM port into the box in the top of the center of the screen. You can find the COM port of the robot by opening the 'Device Manager' and looking under 'Ports (COM & LPT)'. You can also select 'Auto-Select' to automatically scan for connected robots.

Using the GUI:
Most of the GUI just displays what the robot is sensing. The map on the left displays all the neighboring robots that the robot can see, and the display on the right shows the IR receivers detecting obstacles. The motors are controlled via the arrows on either side of the robot representation and can be synced using the small circle between the motor values. You can switch from sending PWM or velocity values using the buttons below the motor sync button.

Clicking on the circles inside the robot will turn the specified light on or off (only one light can be on at a time, however, and clicking on a different light will turn the current one off).

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